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Whenever people tell us they’re looking to “free things up", we always point out that priority #1 is the rear end. We cannot over emphasize that. Why? Because all the power goes there and anytime you ask torque and horsepower to turn right and left at the same time, a lot of energy is lost in the process. How much? 15% is not out of the question.

Although somewhat more efficient, they are still very efficient friction producers. Even Saginaw 3 speeds have a lot of rotating parts, all of which are working hard against each other, creating friction and heat. Even locked up in high gear, the rotating assemblies are swimming in an oil bath and the bearings are working hard at supporting the whole thing.

Ceramic Bearings

It’s long been a proven fact that when drivetrain parts are superfinished before MicroBlue coating, the result is the freest and most efficient working surfaces ever created. And honestly, nothing else comes close. The improvements in efficiency are not subtle, and neither is the increase in wear. In fact, we have no problem telling our customers that in normal racing conditions, they should see no appreciable wear

Drivetrain Losses Drivetrain Improvements

LOW FRICTION AND LONG LIFE: It's all about "no contact"
No wear. It’s a strong statement. But one we’re comfortable with. Why? It’s quite simple. Superfinishing turns machined surfaces from rocks to “skipping stones”. And when you put a coating on those parts that improves the way lubricants work, you now have made it nearly impossible for those surfaces to touch. And surprisingly enough, the greater the forces, the better they work! And since we all know you have to “touch” to wear, if things don’t touch, there can be no wear, right?

Our standard answer is “everything that moves." Because anything that moves transmits power creates friction and makes heat.
TRANSMISSIONS: All gears, shafts, shift components and bearings*
REAR ENDS: Ring and pinion gears, any change gears and bearings.

Drivetrain Losses Drivetrain Improvements

Transmissions typically cost from $500.00 for a single cylinder bike engine and $650.00 to $800.00 for cars and trucks. Ring & pinions polished and MicroBlue coated are typically $150 to $350.00. Please call for an exact quote.

IMPORTANT: All orders must be dis-assembled, reasonablly clean and ready for assembly. All modifications, maching or honing should be performed prior to processing. Package carefully to prevent damage during shipping.

* Any bearing upgrades are an extra charge

Drivetrain Losses Drivetrain Improvements

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